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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wireless play

You can play 30 feet away from up to 3 other players players in some games.
Or use the internet with a wi-fi conection.

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The stylus holder

The stylus fits in a slot on the side instead of in the top of the back.
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How to change your brigtness settings

When you first turn on your ds (after you first complete the settings) tap the sun with your finger or stylus to view your brightness settings.

The Nintendo DS light

The Nintendo DS light.
I just got a ds light and it rocks. It has 5 brightnes settings, then the game boy ds games, a better stylus holder then the normal nintendo ds but thats my opininion, there easier to carry because there lighter in weight then the original ds, its wireless. One thing i like is how small the ds cards are, there smaller then the gba games.