My summary of the totally awsome Nintendo DS Light. usually i capitaleze the title but it makes it come up faster. My nintendo ds games, and nintendo ds features.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pirates of the Carribean

In this game you can fight bad people with Jack, Will, And Elizibeth. Unlock weapons, costumes, bonus features, and concept art from the movie.

The Sims 2

In this game you run a strange hotel in strange town. You meat aliens, Bigfoot, and more. Buy fun features to find Bigfoot, be Ratmn, operate on aliens, and much much more. (did I mention much more features)

Burnout Revenge

This game is really fun I unlocked all of the series. I don't them off the top of my head though. In this game You can race, crash, pursuit, play eliminator, or face off with the opponent for their car!

Shogun Empires

I beat it pretty Quick. It was my first game for the ds it was fun though. this is a strategy take over lands to unight them as you guide your samurais, archers, and spearmen to battle.

Animals crossing Wild World

In this adventurous game you can design your city by planting and if you keep it neat more peaple will come. You can invite friends get a room mate or just chill with your friends. Did i mention it has wi-fi.

My currant games/ Spiro the Sadow legacy

Spyro is fun it has better graphics than the game boy advance spyros. In
this Spyro you can cast spells, teleport, double jump, phase to the fake
world and real world, and learn new attacks as you gain your levels.